LaMelo Ball Chops His Famous Locks, I’ve Got Waves Now!

… I’ve Got Waves Now!

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LaMelo Ball just changed his image in a big way — losing his signature shaggy hairstyle … and replacing it with some killer waves! 

There had been rumors LaMelo axed his Odell Beckham-style hairdo after he came back from Lithuania … but now he’s confirmed the change — posting the pics on Instagram. 

Looks like ‘Melo’s hair inspiration could be his own brother, Lonzo … who has a similar wavy cut of his own. 

It’s a bizarre move for ‘Melo, considering the hair was part of his signature look — and helped him stand out from the rest of his family

Don’t expect the new look to ‘do — ‘Melo already posted on social media, “I miss my old hair.”

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