Nancy Grace Says Weinstein Will Get a Fair Trial Because of O.J. Simpson

STFU, Weinstein …


Nancy Grace says Harvey Weinstein needs to stop bitchin’ about not being able to get a fair trial because he’s not a victim here.

We got the former prosecutor and current TV host Wednesday at LAX, where we asked what she made of Weinstein’s legal team’s concerns that they’re not getting access to info needed to defend their client.

Nancy unloads on Weinstein, asking if he ever thought it was fair to all the women he allegedly sexually assaulted. But she makes an even more interesting point … if O.J. was able to secure an unbiased trial in L.A., Weinstein shouldn’t have any trouble in NYC.

Nancy says God help Weinstein if he takes the stand, and uses a Thanksgiving metaphor to describe what will go down.

She’s also got some advice for the prosecution on a potential plea deal … DON’T.

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