OKC Thunder Player Gets Knocked the Hell Out … By His Teammate!

… By His Teammate!!

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OKC Thunder star Steven Adams knocked his teammate OUT COLD in a game last night … but they weren’t fighting — Adams was literally standing still!

The bizarre play went down at the Chesapeake Energy Arena … when Thunder rookie Terrance Ferguson tried to stay with his man on D. 

Unfortunately, standing in his way was 7 feet, 255 pounds of chiseled Jason Momoa-looking muscle (Adams) … and Ferguson’s svelte 6’7”, 184-pound frame couldn’t handle the business. 

The 2 collided heads — and DOWN WENT FERGY. Adams was totally fine, BTW.

Steven, being the good dude that he is, quickly got the rook some medical attention … and it looks like Terrance is gonna be OK outside of a possible concussion.

But damn, lesson learned — don’t tango with Steven Adams.

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