Serge Ibaka Says LeBron Doesn’t Own Raptors, We Gotta Be Better!

… We Gotta Be Better!


Serge Ibaka has a plan to stop the yearly butt kicking his Toronto Raptors get from the Cavs — don’t worry about LeBron, worry about ourselves. 

For the last 3 years straight, Bron’s Cavs have bounced the Raptors from the playoffs — the last 2 years were a clean 4-0 sweep. 

So, when we saw Serge at LAX, we asked what he plans to do to stop the LeBron domination. 

“It’s not about LeBron, it’s about us,” Ibaka said … “We have to learn from this playoffs and work hard this summer and get ready.”

That said, Ibaka tells us James is nothing short of “amazing” — and said the 33-year-old legend isn’t just an inspiration to future NBA stars … but to current ones as well. 

“He inspires me,” Ibaka says. 

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