‘Stranger Things’ Child Star Sadie Sink Makes Much Less Than Costars

Compared to Child Costars


“Stranger Things” child actors need to put their time in before they can hit the 6-figure payouts, as one actress is learning after being added as a new character just last year.

Sadie Sink — who was newly introduced as Max in season 2 — isn’t making nearly as much money as her very famous costars — namely Millie Bobby BrownGaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, etc. — according to her minor’s contact. She’s raking in about $25k per episode.

According to the docs — obtained by TMZ — Sadie’s S2 episodic compensation was a little over $23,000 per episode, with at least 7 episodes guaranteed. The season ended up producing 9 episodes, so she took home an extra $46k, more or less. Not bad.

For season 3, however, she got a raise of about $1,000 per episode — and is set to get similar raises if the show continues until season 8. As we’ve reported … the OG child stars of the show were on the same schedule at first, but reportedly negotiated HUGE increases as of late … upwards of $200k per episode and possibly even more

If Sadie’s smart — or has a good agent — she’ll also get to the negotiating table soon enough. Gotta be tough knowing your coworkers are making roughly 10 times more than you daily.

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