Tim Donaghy Says Refs Blew Cavs Game, Teams Should Replay Final Minute

Teams Should Replay Last Minute


The refs screwed up the Cavs-Warriors game so bad last night, the league should allow the teams to replay the final 60 seconds of the game … seriously — according to former NBA ref Tim Donaghy.

Here’s the deal … Donaghy was an NBA official for 13 years before he was sent to prison for gambling on games — but knows the rulebook inside and out. 

In fact, he even cites a REAL situation when the NBA acknowledged it screwed up a ruling — and had the teams reunite to replay the end of a game nearly 4 months later (Hawks vs. Heat 2007). 

In this case, Donaghy is honing in on that late 4th quarter foul involving Kevin Durant and LeBron James — when two refs disagreed on who was at fault … was it a charge or a block. 

Donaghy says instead of going to the replay monitor and changing the call to favor the Warriors, it should have been ruled a jump ball. 

You gotta watch the video … Donaghy is pretty passionate about how the league should rectify the situation. 

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